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Speed-up electronics development with 1-2 day prototype PCB manufacturing.

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    Trace is decentralizing PCB assembly to help engineering teams develop electronics 3x faster while spending 30% lesser.

    Desktop hardware & manufacturing services that work together seamlessly to enable rapid iteration cycles.

    Upload your PCB design files to get instant quotes & place order



    Receive bare boards & components in a kit in 1-2 days 



    Insert the kit into our hardware to automate PCB assembly on your desktop



    Use our hardware & software to speed-up PCB testing & debugging



    At Trace, our mission is to make it incredibly easy for engineering teams to build electronics.

    Building great product requires rapid trial & error.


    The faster you can iterate, the more you can iterate, & the more you iterate, the better product you'll bring to market.


    But electronics engineers still need weeks just to validate one idea & the #1 reason for this is slow PCB manufacturing turns.


    As engineers ourselves, we've experienced the frustrations first-hand & have tried every tool out there, from 3D printers to the fastest manufacturers, but we simply couldn't iterate fast enough.

    That's why we started Trace. We are rethinking the entire PCB manufacturing process from first principles & our goal is to create the fastest way to manufacture prototype PCBs.


    So you can spend less time waiting & more time building.

    30% Cheaper

    Save thousands of dollars per iteration cycle by assembling in-house


    3x Faster

    Go from design to functional PCBs as fast as 1-2 days


    IP Security

    Reduce risk of stolen IP by keeping assembly files in-house


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