The fastest way to manufacture prototype PCBs.

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    Trace provides electronics manufacturing & a desktop PCB assembly machine to help engineering teams develop electronics 3x faster.

    How it works.

    Upload your PCB design files to get instant quotes & place order



    Receive bare boards & components in a kit with unit-level tracking 



    Insert the kit into our hardware to automate PCB assembly on your desktop



    Use our hardware & software to speed-up PCB testing & debugging



    At Trace, we are passionate about making it easy for hardware engineers to build incredible products.

    Building great product requires a lot of trial & error.


    The faster you can iterate on your ideas, the more you can iterate, & the more you iterate, the better product you'll bring to market.


    But electronics iteration cycles still take weeks as manufacturing prototype PCBs is a slow, bottleneck-prone process. 


    That's why we started Trace - the first & only manufacturer that also provides a desktop PCB assembly machine to help you to go from design to functional PCBs as fast as 1-2 days.

    So you can spend less time waiting & more time building.

    30% Cheaper

    Save thousands of dollars per iteration cycle by assembling in-house


    3x Faster

    Go from design to functional PCBs as fast as 1-2 days


    IP Security

    Reduce risk of stolen IP by keeping assembly files in-house


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